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Heated Boat Storage
Phone 207 841 5161
48 Ledgewood Drive
Bristol, ME 04539

heated boat storage in maine

heated boat storage in maine
  • Imagine having everything varnished up when the boat gets launched in the spring.
  • Everything is working and shiny because you had the whole winter to get the different projects together on your boat.
  • Have peace to sand and varnish with no disturbing wind or rain.
  • Get help from the local boat builder during the winter or change the engine.
  • Have the canvas renewed or make sure you get the boat polished and waxed in a heated but not sunny place.
  • Here you can come and go at your leisure.
  • Having your boat, or what ever project you are working on, inside is a luxury you should consider.
  • You get MUCH more out of your hobby.
  • Now you can use all year and finally get the things done you wanted to do.